Repairing Your Home After It Has Suffered Fire Damage

In a very short period of time, a fire can cause extensive damage to your home. Not surprisingly, even small fires can lead to a homeowner needing to have major repairs done to the home.

Avoid Assuming The Damage From The Flames Will Be The Only Repairs That Are Needed

The damage that flames can cause may be extensive, but this is not the only damage that may need to be repaired following a major fire. For example, the smoke that the fire created can cause extensive damage throughout the interior of the home. As a result, it is often necessary for the entire home to undergo a thorough cleaning process to remove any smoke residue that might have spread. Water damage is another issue that will often have to be addressed following a fire. Due to the wide range of possible repairs that may be needed, the building should be thoroughly inspected by a fire damage repair provider to determine the type of work that will be needed to restore it.

Avoid Running The HVAC System Until Repairs Have Been Completed

After a fire has damaged a part of your building, it is important to avoid using the HVAC system until repairs have been fully completed. There may be substantial amounts of smoke residue and ash in the ducting. Turning on the HVAC may cause these materials to be spread throughout the interior of the home. This could also pose a health risk, as individuals in the building will be likely to inhale harmful chemicals or soot when it becomes airborne. In extreme cases, these substances may even be able to get into the HVAC unit itself, which could cause jams or other mechanical problems.

Always Document The Fire Damage That Your Building Suffered

Luckily, insurance will cover many of the more common causes of fire that could damage your home. Unfortunately, individuals may not thoroughly document all of the damage that occurred to the house. When you are touring the building with a fire damage restoration contractor, it can be useful to use a camera to take pictures of the damages that these contractors find. This can be useful evidence in situations where the insurance attempts to avoid covering some of the repair work that should be provided by your policy. Otherwise, you may find that it can be difficult to appeal or contest the rejection from the insurance company, which could lead to you paying more out of pocket for these repairs.

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