Questions You May Have About Water Damage In Your Home

There are many things that can lead to water damage. Some common ways it often happens include plumbing leaks or burst pipes, flooding from a storm, or problems with the connections on appliances that use water. The questions below are frequently asked by people who experience water damage in their homes. If you think you have water damage, then you might be interested in the answers, which you can read here: 

Who should you call first if there is flooding in the home?

If you have flooding in your home, then your first call should be to the water damage restoration company. It will be crucial to get the drying process started as soon as possible to minimize the amount of water damage as much as possible. 

How much is involved with the home drying and restoration process?

When you have flooding in your home, there will be a process that happens in order to get it all dried and to restore it to its pre-water damage state. The first step will involve getting rid of all the standing water. After this, then the drying process can happen, and this includes drying the water out of your home and belongings in the home. The drying process involves the use of equipment like dehumidifiers, and it can take several days to dry everything. Once the home and belongings are dried, then areas with water damage will be fixed. This can include replacing drywall, flooring, and cabinetry. 

Do you need to move out of the home during water cleanup and restoration?

While it will be up to the insurance adjuster whether you and your family should temporarily move out during the water cleanup and restoration process, you may find it easier if you do. There will be equipment in the home to dry it out, and it is childproof. However, you do want to make sure you keep your children away from it. Depending on their ages, this may be difficult for you to stay on top of. Also, the equipment can be quite loud, making for an uncomfortable living environment for a few days. There will also be areas where you should avoid walking on during the drying out process. 

Is your furniture going to be able to be saved?

You will likely wonder whether all of your furniture will need to be thrown out, or if it can be saved. This isn't an easy answer because it depends on a lot of factors. Since the furniture is in different areas of the home and throughout the room, some may have been exposed to more water. Also, the type of furniture a piece is can play a part in whether it can be saved. The furniture will all need to be dried out before a decision can be made on whether it can be salvaged.

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