4 Things That Help You Make The Decision To Choose Metal Roofing For Your Professional Building

Since there are several types of roofing available, you may not know which one to choose for your commercial office building. Ideally, your choice will be durable so few repairs are needed. Plus, you'll probably want attractive roofing for an office building, especially if you lease to professionals such as lawyers and financial advisers. Metal might be a good choice for your building. Here are some things to think about when you're making your decision.

1. The Roof Slope

A sloped roof can be seen from the ground, so you want an attractive type of roofing if your building has a sloped roof rather than a flat roof. Metal is an attractive choice while being more affordable than luxury materials such as clay tiles or slate. Metal roofing is made in different styles, and standing seam panels are common.

However, you might want metal shingles for a different look. The shingles can look like asphalt, wood, or clay, but if you're looking for a colorful roof, then standing seam panels would be a good choice. These come in a variety of solid colors that can make your building stand out, blend in, or look unique.

2. The Building Architecture

You may also want to consider your building architecture when selecting your roof. A professional building with Mediterranean architecture might look best with clay tiles. However, most buildings look good with metal roofing.

Something more important to consider when it comes to building architecture is whether your building can withstand the weight of heavy materials such as clay tiles or slate. An advantage of metal roofing is that it is lightweight, so your roofer won't need to add structural support to your building before installing the roof.

3. Value For The Investment

If your professional building has a sloped roof, you'll probably choose between asphalt shingles, metal, and clay tiles. Metal costs more than asphalt shingles and less than clay tiles. However, when you consider the value of your investment, you need to calculate more than the initial cost. Factor in ongoing repairs and maintenance as well as the lifespan of the roof.

A metal roof lasts a lot longer than asphalt shingles and it is stronger and more durable. You'll probably pay less in upkeep over the years, so metal could have better value even though it costs more to install.

4. Ability To Protect Your Building

A metal roof is suitable for fire-prone areas as well as areas where strong storms are likely. It offers excellent protection against fire, rain, hail, insect damage, animal damage, strong wind, and leaking. You want a strong roof for your building so you don't waste time and money on repairs. By needing fewer repairs, you'll disturb your employees and customers less often to have roof repairs or a replacement done.

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