3 Critical Considerations For A Proper Foundation Drainage System

The first consideration of the location of a house is proper drainage. Your contractor must understand how water will divert from the home and prevent moisture from compromising the house's structural integrity. While this is the best time to determine a proper foundation drainage system, there are other factors you should consider.

1. Soil

The soil around your house determines the design of your foundation and the installed drainage systems. For example, clay soil is one of the worst soils for drainage due to its small particles. A foundation drainage systems expert will adjust the foundation to factor in these soil considerations.

The expert verifies whether your house is on well-drained soil using the unified soil classification system. However, this should not be a reason for overlooking the need for a foundation drainage system. It is more expensive to install one in already built homes than in new ones.

2. Terrain and Landscaping

One of the best ways to identify a home with proper foundation drainage is if it lies on a slope or has a slanting landscape design. A sloped terrain will naturally drain water away from your home. However, if your home lies on a flat surface, you should ensure it has well-designed and maintained downspouts for proper foundation drainage.

You should not plant landscaping trees close to the foundation of your house. Trees absorb water as they grow, and the extensive roots might compromise the foundation drainage system of your home. However, home foundation water drainage experts know the ideal distance for planting trees, so you should work with them.

3. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance practices should accompany a well-designed foundation drainage system. For example, experts should regularly inspect your home for foundation cracks and deteriorating joints. Maintaining quick and efficient repair practices helps you save on the costs of redoing your drainage system.

For example, you should inspect your gutters and spouts for damage, clean them from debris and replace broken sections. In addition, the plumbing system should be in good condition and drain any water stagnating around the foundation of your house. 


Knowing what to look for in a foundation drainage system will save you troubles and expenses from water draining and restoration. So you should ensure that your home's foundation drainage system is efficient. If your home's foundation has faced damage due to poor drainage, contact a foundation drainage repair expert for inspection and repairs.