Commercial HVAC Repairs: Signs You Need Them In Your Warehouse

When your HVAC system fails in your warehouse, you have more than uncomfortable employees to deal with, you have potential shutdowns and loss of inventory to deal with as well. A warehouse is a large and open space that should have plenty of ventilation, so once a commercial HVAC system is in place, every space should stay relatively evenly cooled and heated.

If your HVAC system shows any signs of failure, you should know about it right away. Your commercial HVAC repairs specialist should be called immediately to assess the situation and make needed repairs as well. Here are signs your HVAC system isn't operating as it should. Discontinue use of your units and use backup heating and cooling units until your commercial HVAC system repairs specialist arrives.

Some areas of your warehouse won't cool or heat up

If you're used to your warehouse being evenly cooled and suddenly some areas stay lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, then something may be wrong with your commercial HVAC system. Check all windows and doors and make sure thermostats are set appropriately, and have commercial HVAC repairs done if nothing else seems to be out of place. The problem could be as simple as filters needing to be cleaned or more advanced like a fan or motor failing to work.

Inventory or staff are overheating or freezing

You'll likely notice employee complaints or changes in productivity before you notice that inventory is affected by a non-working HVAC system, but either issue is worth looking into immediately. Your warehouse relies on sufficient ventilation to get airflow moving around, so make sure proper fans are working and install more or larger fans to help move air around as needed.

You can have your HVAC specialist inspect your warehouse's units to make sure all of them are working efficiently. If you have multiple units, check them all; it may be a single HVAC unit that is not working as it should that needs to be replaced because it's affecting other units and causing certain areas to not get heated or cooled at all.

The sooner you have commercial HVAC repairs done, the better for your entire warehouse's operation. If you see smoke or fire coming from your HVAC system, turn off all electricity if you can and evacuate the building until emergency help and your HVAC crew arrive. Your HVAC system should be up and running again in a short time, allowing you to confidently begin operation in your warehouse again.