Signs Your Fiber Cement Roofing Likely Needs To Be Replaced

Fiber cement shingles are becoming a popular roofing option for homeowners. This is because these types of shingles mimic the look of clay or concrete tiles, yet are much lighter and typically cheaper. If you have fiber cement roofing tiles on your home, you need to know what the signs are that the roof is starting to fail and that you may need a residential roof replacement. Here are a few of the signs that your fiber cement roofing likely needs to be replaced.

Your Fiber Cement Roof Droops or Sags

One of the signs that your fiber cement roof may be failing is that your roof is starting to droop or sag in the middle. This happens when your fiber cement tiles have failed, and water has seeped into the decking or sheathing of your roof. Your decking or sheathing creates the foundation that supports the weight of your fiber cement shingles, and if the decking or sheathing gets wet, it can start to droop or sag. This creates the drooping or sagging you may see when you look up at your roof. 

Your Fiber Cement Tiles Are Starting to Break

Another sign that your fiber cement roofing likely needs to be replaced is seeing a large number of broken tiles on your roof. If you see a few broken tiles, you need to get those tiles replaced. However, if the damage is widespread, it indicates your tiles are approaching the end of their life and cannot withstand outdoor elements. This is a sign that residential roof replacement is needed. 

Your Fiber Cement Tiles Are Warping

The final sign that may indicate that you may need to replace your fiber cement roofing is fiber cement tiles that are warping. Fiber cement can actually absorb water when the coating has worn off of the tile. When this happens, the shingle starts to bloat, which can make it look wavy or warped. This is a tell-tale sign that your fiber cement tiles can no longer do their job. 

Fiber cement tiles are a cheaper alternative to concrete or clay roofing tiles, which is why they are becoming popular roofing materials. However, fiber cement tiles have a shorter lifespan than clay or concrete, which can last your entire life when properly cared for. If you have a fiber cement roof, you need to know what the signs are that your roof is failing and replacement is needed.

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