Steps To Take After Your Warehouse Suffers From A Fire

If you are the owner of a warehouse and you recently experienced a situation where a fire caused damage to your building, you may wonder what steps you need to take before you can resume business. Here are actions to take after a warehouse fire occurs.

Contact A Commercial Fire Restoration Service

The first task to undertake is to contact a commercial fire restoration service in your area to perform an evaluation of the interior of your building. This takes place after the fire has been extinguished and the fire department and any inspectors they had dispatched to your location have deemed that the fire is no longer a risk. An industrial fire restoration service will assess the condition of the entire building and alert you of any repair work that needs to be conducted before you can utilize your warehouse once again. This includes removing soot from walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as replacing electrical lines, piping systems, or other necessary components to ensure the building does not cause injuries or health issues for those who go inside.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Give your insurance company a call to alert them of the incident and to let them know you are interested in making a claim if you lost a substantial amount of money from the fire. They will send an adjuster to your warehouse to determine the amount they propose to provide as a payout for the damage your warehouse sustained. 

Check On Your Equipment And Personal Items

The fire may have caused damage to the machinery, electronic equipment, and furnishings inside your warehouse. Inspect each piece in detail to determine whether it needs to be replaced. Keep a tally of each item that you need to remove so you can provide it to your insurance company for compensation if applicable.

Open Your Warehouse Back Up For Business

After the fire damage restoration takes care of damaged building materials in your warehouse and you have your machinery ready to be run once again, you can contact your employees to start operations once again. Be sure to alert your employees to be on the lookout for any area within your warehouse that may not have been restored as needed. If any location is discovered, contact the commercial fire damage restoration service right away so they can come back to your building for a further evaluation procedure.

Reach out to a commercial fire damage restoration company to learn more.