Is Having Your Carpets Cleaned Once A Year Really Worth It?

If you read the care instructions that come with most carpets, they will often advise you to have the carpet professionally cleaned each year. This can feel like a lot, at first. You may look at the price of professional carpet cleaning and wonder if it is really worth it. In most cases, the answer is "yes." While carpet cleaning does come at a cost, it's a service that is well worth that cost. Here are some of the key benefits of having your carpet professionally cleaned on an annual basis.

Its color will remain more consistent.

Have you ever moved a piece of furniture sitting on an old carpet, only to discover that the carpet under the furniture is a completely different color than the carpet in a higher-traffic area? This kind of discoloration can be really difficult to live with if you want to rearrange your furniture at any point. If you have your carpet cleaned every year, it won't develop this discoloration — at least not to the same degree. The discoloration comes from the buildup of dirt and grime over the years. You'll be able to move your furniture without revealing different-colored patches.

You'll keep odors under control.

Most people do not think their carpets smell. However, most carpets smell. When you live in the house day after day, your nose just becomes less sensitive to the odors, and you no longer notice them. If your friends were to go into the room, they would likely smell your dirty carpet. It is not, therefore, wise to rely on your nose to tell you when your carpet needs to be cleaned. If you simply have it cleaned on a regular basis, the odors won't get too bad, whether you're able to smell them or not.

Stains will be removed effectively.

You can do a decent job of removing stains from a carpet using spray-on cleaning products. However, carpet cleaners tend to do a better job. If you have the carpet cleaned once a year, all of your stains will get that professional treatment within a reasonable timeframe, which will keep your carpet looking cleaner and more uniform overall.

Carpet cleaning is almost always worth it. If cost is a concern, keep your eyes out for coupons and discounts, and book your service when they are available. Most carpet cleaning companies offer deals when you have multiple rooms cleaned at once, too.

To learn more, contact a carpet cleaning service in your area.