The Four Keys To A Successful Mold Removal Effort

Removing mold from surfaces and building materials can be a lot of work. You really don't want that effort to be wasted. In other words, you don't want to go through the trouble to remove mold only to have it all grow back within a few weeks or months. So, how do you make sure your mold removal efforts are effective and get you long-term results? The following are four keys to a successful mold removal effort.

Identifying the Mold

One of the first steps mold removal companies generally take is identifying the type of mold growing in your home. In some cases, they may identify more than one variety of mold. Identifying the mold allows mold removal companies to determine the best way to remove that particular mold. For example, one variety of mold may require a stronger solution than others. Another variety of mold may only stay away if they dry the space out excessively.

Removing Moisture

If you were to just remove the mold from the space but not do anything about moisture, the mold would grow back pretty soon. Where there is moisture, there is almost always mold. Sometimes, removing moisture might mean pumping water out of a flooded area. Other times, removing moisture may mean running a dehumidifier, sealing leaks, replacing damaged pipes, and so forth. In many cases, your mold removal company may need to work with other companies to do some of this work. For instance, pipe replacement should be done by a plumber.

Assuring Contact Time

The way the mold removal solution is applied affects how well it works. More specifically, there needs to be adequate contact time. The solution needs to be left in place for long enough to actually kill the mold completely. Good mold removal companies know the solutions they use well, and they know how long those solutions need to be left in place.

Air Cleaning

Mold releases spores. These spores can settle on moist surfaces and then develop into new mold. So, a mold removal program should include a plan to clean the air and remove spores from it. This often means setting up and running air cleaners for a few days.

If your mold removal approach includes the aspects above, then it is likely going to yield longer-lasting results. Talk to a mold removal company for more tips and information. And don't forget to act quickly if you find mold in your home.