Why Water Damage Affects All Types Of Houses

If you live in an area that gets flooded a lot, you probably bought a home that you thought was relatively good at surviving a lot of water around it for extended periods of time. What you may not realize is that there is no building material out there that can last indefinitely in water and not show some signs of wear and tear. Even marinas and structures purpose-built to survive in lakes and the ocean need constant maintenance, and your home is not nearly as custom-made to survive water damage as those constructions are. Here is why you should be quick to call water damage restoration services no matter what material the structure of your home is made out of.


While concrete might seem like it is impenetrable, and is used in many structures found in water, the concrete in your home is different due to a few factors. Firstly, water can leak to the bottom of your concrete and excavate a hole in the earth underneath it, which will cause it to cave in. Concrete is porous, so this can pose trouble if the water has a lot of bacteria or other unhygienic materials because they will stick around for a long time if they are not properly cleaned by water damage restoration services.


Wood was and still is used on many boats so some people assume it can survive flooding, but structural timber is quite different from timber found in boats. Your timber is holding a lot more weight and is not as well treated to survive the water as timber found in boats, which means it can get waterlogged and start to rot fairly easily. Water damage restoration services will get in quickly and pump out the water so that it does not have time to take hold and ruin your home.


Metal is quite good at withstanding water, especially materials like aluminum that do not rust. However, that does not mean water will not weaken it over time. If you have metal supports or foundations you may be quite confident in your home, and you should be, but that does not mean it is immune to the ravages of flooding. The weight of the water can displace metal foundations and steel and other types of structural metal can and will rust quite quickly. Getting that water out of there as soon as possible with a professional service should be your main priority no matter what your home is made out of. 

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