Ways Your Landscaper Can Help With Erosion Repair On Your Property

Property owners face various issues with their property. Most of these issues are related to the weather and the environment. For example, you may face heavy seasonal storms that bring flooding and high winds. These types of seasonal storms can bring water damage to your home, but they can also bring severe issues to your property. One of the leading issues you can face from ongoing heavy rains is erosion. This erosion can lead to the need for erosion repair and erosion restoration. Here are some ways an erosion repair service can help.  

Fill Soil

The first step your contractor will take to help with erosion repair is to use fill soil. This soil will be used to fill in areas that are already eroded. The soil will be spread over the entire area and stamped down with heavy equipment. This will allow it to fill areas that are eroded and give you a solid even base of land again. The soil options may be numerous depending on where the erosion has taken place. Your contractor may suggest the type of fill that is best for the particular area and the traffic it will receive. 


One of the leading causes of erosion is poor drainage. Erosion can happen when drainage is blocked or no longer adequate for the amount of water the area is receiving. This will cause an irregular flow of the water as it is removed from the property and towards a drainage ditch or similar area. The contractor will inspect the area and determine the best drainage options available to you. This may include having a new drainage ditch placed or having drainage areas to the side of the filled-in eroded area. 


One of the final steps your contractor may take is to add a new cover. For example, if the erosion is primarily on a driveway area that was once dirt or loose gravel, the contractor may suggest something sturdier. This could be a concrete or asphalt driveway. The reason these materials may be suggested as a top cover is due to the ease of placing drainage within them. They also do not shift as gravel or traditional clay would during heavy rains. 

These are just a few of the ways a professional can help with erosion repair and erosion restoration. If you are facing severe erosion on your property, or if parts of your property are showing signs of erosion, contact an erosion restoration service. They can perform a property inspection that will help them determine the best steps to take in order to restore and repair the areas that are facing or dealing with erosion.