4 Signs Your Business’ Sliding Glass Door Needs To Be Repaired

If a sliding glass door is at the entry to your business, it is likely the first thing that your customers notice when they walk in. Because of this, it is important to ensure the door is working properly; a malfunctioning door can quickly form anything from a minor hassle to a legitimate safety hazard. Take a look below at just a few of the most common signs that your door needs to be more closely examined to see if it needs to be professionally repaired.


One of the most common signs that a sliding glass door needs to be repaired is when it does not align with the frame or floor. This may cause it to always be slightly ajar, or to get stuck at particular points along the track.

Broken Hardware

Some examples of broken door hardware include handles and hinges. While these may not immediately affect the door's performance on a daily basis, they can affect the security of the door and by extension your entire storefront. Even one bit of broken hardware should be enough cause to contact a repair professional.

Drafts and Leaks

Another one of the signs that you likely need to have your sliding glass door repaired is consistent drafts of air from outside the building. In places with a lot of moisture, you may also notice small puddles or leaks that form under parts of the door. Both drafts and leakage are usually the result of gaps that have formed in parts of the door. These gaps may exist simply because of a malfunctioning closing mechanism or misalignment, but there may be other factors at play. The bottom of the door may feature worn out or inadequate sealing that needs to be replaced, for example.

Broken Glass

While the glass in a sliding glass door is thicker and less fragile than other types, it is not impervious to damage. The moment you notice a crack or chip, you should have a repair professional take a look at it. Even the smallest chips can eventually spread and compromise the insulation provided by the door. In a worst-case scenario, it can end with the glass shattering under its own weight and having to be replaced entirely. No matter the extent of the broken glass, having your commercial glass sliding door repaired immediately can help you save time and money in the long run.