The Four Keys To A Successful Mold Removal Effort

Removing mold from surfaces and building materials can be a lot of work. You really don't want that effort to be wasted. In other words, you don't want to go through the trouble to remove mold only to have it all grow back within a few weeks or months. So, how do you make sure your mold removal efforts are effective and get you long-term results? The following are four keys to a successful mold removal effort. Read More 

Think Fast! 3 Things You Need To Do Immediately Following A Major Flood

Major disasters that affect your home will likely be some of the most stressful events you'll ever encounter. Floods can be particularly damaging and costly. The initial hours and days following a flood can often be uncertain, especially before you begin working with your insurance company to determine what your policy will cover. The actions you take following a flood can significantly impact the cost of remediating the damage and the possessions you can save. Read More 

Secure Your Property During Emergencies With Professional Board-Up Services

Emergencies can strike at any time and can cause severe damage to your property. Whether it is a natural disaster, fire, or another unforeseen event, your property can be left exposed and vulnerable to further damage or theft if you are not careful. In such situations, it is essential to take immediate steps to secure your property and minimize the risk of further damage or loss. That's where emergency property board-up services come in. Read More 

Is Having Your Carpets Cleaned Once A Year Really Worth It?

If you read the care instructions that come with most carpets, they will often advise you to have the carpet professionally cleaned each year. This can feel like a lot, at first. You may look at the price of professional carpet cleaning and wonder if it is really worth it. In most cases, the answer is "yes." While carpet cleaning does come at a cost, it's a service that is well worth that cost. Read More 

Your Guide To Foundation Damage And Repair

Your home's foundation is incredibly important to support your home. However, damage can cause severe issues, including flooding. If you would like to know more about foundation damage and repair, so you can better protect your home investment, keep reading. What Causes Foundation Damage? Foundation damage is caused by many issues, and some are easier to prevent than others. One of the leading causes of foundation damage is water. You can help prevent water damage by ensuring your yard slopes away from the house, keeping your gutters cleaned to prevent spilling water, and installing water and moisture barriers. Read More